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Looking forward to Spring ...

To paraphrase the Beatles, it's been a long, cold, rainy winter but Spring is beginning to make itself known, so here are some suggested 'Springtime' reads to prepare you for the warmer seasons.

 Mary, Mary, quite contrary discovers happiness through nurturing growth in the secret garden she discovers.  Along the way she finds friendship and new life. A perfect Spring read for adults as well as youngsters. 

Spring, Smith reminds us, is “the great connective. Pass any flowering bush or tree and you can’t not hear it, the buzz of the engine, the new life already at work in it, time’s factory”  A novel which covers some of the biggest current issues of today.

A memoir of depression that is anything but miserable. Richard Mabey, the naturalist, fell ill and this book is an account of how moving to Suffolk and its fresh landscape brought him back to life.  His book sings with love and wonder at the power of nature to make us feel good. 

A warm, subtle novel about the rippling consequences of a shocking event. A sense of blossoming hope fills the pages with the scent of Spring renewal. 

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